Success stories Foundation

Success stories Foundation

The first company I founded failed with a big bang. The second company failed a little less badly, the third company also failed decently, but that was somehow okay. I recovered quickly and the fourth company has already survived. Number five was Paypal.

A portrait of our founders

In addition to the KUS, and the Pfaffenhofener Kurier also accompanied founders from the district on their way to self-employment and wrote down their success stories.

Susan Deckner von der Agentur Hallertau Incoming

Here you can find the portrait of Susan Deckner with the agency Hallertau Incoming.

Jessica Wiesenberger von ZAM Eventmanagement

Here you can find the portrait of Jessica Wiesenberger from ZAM Eventplanung.

Marco Weigand von Aquapiù

Here you can find the portrait of Marco Weigand from Aquapiù.

Daniela Dohrmann und Marion Stark vom Barfuß-Studio

“The most important thing was that we were both completely convinced of our idea.”

Here you will find a short portrait of the founders of the Barefoot Studio.

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