Annual Report 2024

Annual Report 2024

Municipal enterprise for structural development in the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm

The KUS has been working for the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm for ten years now.

Our annual report provides an insight into our projects and activities for 2024.

1. the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm as a business location

“The success of a region is not a sure-fire success. It always needs new impetus.”

Strategically located between the major cities of Munich, Regensburg, Augsburg and Ingolstadt, nestled in the Hallertau region and right in the heart of Bavaria is the business location of the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm. It is an attractive economic area for international companies and SMEs as well as start-ups and traditional family businesses. The economic strength is due in particular to the diverse and well-functioning business landscape. The outstanding infrastructure and excellent quality of life speak for the region and contribute to the high quality of the location. With the founding of the municipal company Strukturentwicklung Landkreis Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm (KUS), politicians in the district have sent a clear signal: since November 2013, we have been available to existing companies, start-ups and companies interested in relocating as a competent and innovative local business development agency and are also dedicated to soft location factors. Our aim is to create the best conditions for healthy growth and sustainable quality of life, as well as to recognize economic trends at an early stage and exploit them for the benefit of the region. We want to realize creative solutions in a collaborative and courageous manner so that citizens can continue to benefit from attractive living and working conditions in the future. This annual report is intended to give you an insight into our current projects and activities. As a team, we work with great passion on the further development of our district. We would like to thank our partners who support us and with whom we are in regular contact. The promotion of a region is most successful when authorities, businesses and decision-makers work together.

2. overall economic development at the location

“Shaping the future together and revitalizing the economy.”

The coronavirus pandemic, climate change, raw material bottlenecks, supply chain delays, the war in Ukraine, structural change and a shortage of skilled workers – we are living in times of multiple crises that pose complex and multifaceted problems, on both a small and large scale, across industries and generations. These challenges facing society as a whole will continue to accompany us in the coming years.
Fortunately, small and medium-sized companies in particular are proving to be very resilient in the face of the current turbulent times. Pfaffenhofen remains a stable business location thanks to its wide range of industries and efficient entrepreneurship:

  • Population: 132,120 (as of 30.06.2023)
  • Unemployment rate 2.5 percent: (as at 31.01.2024)
  • Commuters: 22,690 (as of June 2023)
  • Commuters: 35,850 (as of June 2023)
  • Employees subject to social security contributions (place of work): 47,060 (as of June 2023)
  • Number of commercial enterprises in the district: 2320 (HWK) and 9410 (IHK) (as of 2021)

A healthy mix of large companies, family and craft businesses as well as an innovative and creative start-up scene is the stable foundation for a liveable and sustainable region. As an economic development agency, it is our central task to maintain this robust basis and pave the way for a sustainable and digital future.
Due to external influences and changes, we underwent an internal transformation in 2023 in order to adapt our corporate service to the current and future needs of companies. In particular, we are focusing on seven key areas of action that were defined in the 2021 economic structure analysis for Region 10 as having a significant impact on the future. These are:

3. our fields of action

3.1 Business services for a business-friendly district

“Only those who know their customers can be successful as entrepreneurs.”

The basis for a dynamic and versatile location is a strong economy, embedded in a social network that integrates social as well as political players. As KUS, we have long-standing, cultivated and trusting relationships with companies in the region and are on hand with helpful contacts to politicians and other relevant partners.

The choice of a suitable location is of enormous importance for entrepreneurial success. With our business service, we have been supporting companies with relocation, expansion and relocation projects in the district since 2014. We market the location both nationally and internationally and attract new companies. We support companies on a growth course in their search for a location, with the aim of enabling a further branch within the district. Our aim is to use limited space responsibly.

Our focus is on the entrepreneur as a customer with his needs, wishes and problems. In order to be able to respond to the individual expectations and issues of the companies, our CEO Johannes Hofner regularly visits the companies in the district. This commitment ensures mutual understanding and trust. Individual and tailor-made solutions are jointly sought and developed for the various concerns of entrepreneurs. Looking back, we were able to support small companies, for example from the cultural and creative industries, large-scale projects such as the relocation of packaging manufacturer Thimm, Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH and Richter & Frenzel, as well as expansions such as that of construction equipment manufacturer Wacker Neuson.

An excerpt of our current projects and visits:

Daiichi Sankyo Deutschland GmbH, Pfaffenhofen (2024):

Daiichi Sankyo is investing around one billion euros in the Pfaffenhofen district. That’s not something you experience every day as an economic development agency. The Japanese group is building an international innovation center in the field of human medicine at our site. The company’s highly successful new cancer drugs are a key component of this. At least 350 new jobs will be created, mainly in the fields of research, process engineering, sterile technology and biotechnology. A pharma cluster is still a dream of the future – but what is not, can still be.

Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH, Baar-Ebenhausen (2024):

We had our first meeting in 2017 and the topping-out ceremony took place in October 2022. Since then, impressive buildings have been constructed on the site in Baar-Ebenhausen. With the company Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH, we can welcome a very solid family business to the district, which is the market leader in the field of cleaning chemicals for precision cleaning of electronic components. The result is a campus-like site where up to 400 employees will be employed. It was a pleasure for us to be able to participate in the five years of settlement around the planning team of Harald Wack and Susi Pfeil. The company will bring new professions and apprenticeships to the district. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Lyondell Basell, Münchsmünster (2023):

Unique in western Germany at the time, the “Münchsmünster Industrial Park” was created 50 years ago on land owned by over 350 property owners. LyondellBasell, the third-largest listed chemical company in the region, is an integral part of the district‘s employer landscape. The last few decades have meant constant change for the company. As an economic development agency, we are pleased and proud of our balanced sector mix of SMEs and large industrial companies as a guarantee for employment and prosperity in the region.

Hydrogen cluster Region 10, district (2023):

Hydrogen is seen as a central component of the future energy system. As KUS, we organize a regular exchange on the possibilities of implementing this future technology in the corporate environment. With H2Direkt, Energie Südbayern(ESB), Energienetze Bayern GmbH and Thüga are demonstrating that existing gas grids can be operated with pure hydrogen. In Hohenwart, ten customers will be supplied with 100% H2 via the local grid from the 2023/2024 heating period.

Wacker Neuson, Reichertshofen (2023):

175 years of Wacker Neuson! Over the last eight years in particular, the Wacker Neuson site in Reichertshofen has been continuously expanded. Extensive construction work was carried out, major investments were made and further high-quality jobs were created. We were happy to drive this process forward in close and very good cooperation with the management, Helmut Bauer and Stefan Pfetsch. The training workshop at the site enjoys an excellent reputation.

Feinblech Festl Gbr, Scheyern (2023)

Startups are founded in garages. This applies to Amazon, Google and a number of other world-famous companies. The same applies to Feinblech Festl GbR. Formerly agricultural buildings in a district of Scheyern have been used as a workshop since the company was founded in May 2021. Handcrafted classic car bodies are restored using a combination of state-of-the-art 3D measurement technology and skilled craftsmanship. Our CEO Johannes Hofner was able to get to know Bastian Festl on his way to becoming a master craftsman as part of his work as a lecturer at the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria. This closes the circle between training and founding a company.

Technology Transfer Center, Manching (2023):

A Technology Transfer Center (TTZ) is set up in Manching as a research center for unmanned aerial systems at Ingolstadt Technical University with funding from the Bavarian state government. This will make the north of the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm a strong, internationally renowned innovation location of the future for unmanned aerial systems. As KUS, we are involved in this process and support the transfer of technology and knowledge with local companies.

The result speaks for itself: KUS has established itself as the first point of contact in the district for location-related questions. This is the foundation for the business-friendly and appreciative environment in which we operate. We work professionally and discreetly with partners such as Invest in Bavaria and investors.

We strengthen local entrepreneurship across all sectors through networking events such as our regular Entrepreneurs’ Forum or our Entrepreneurs’ Day. Our annual networking events attract around 1,000 visitors. Company representatives use this opportunity for a targeted exchange with business, politics and science. The content is geared towards current events and provides concrete added value and valuable impetus. We are convinced that only together – through dialog and close cooperation – can we succeed in tackling the major issues of our time.

Our own service claim is to respond promptly to a request. Be it through initial contact, a concrete solution proposal or the helpful provision of further information and contacts.

Your contact person

3.2 Building bridges between business and administration

“We are the interface between the company and the authorities.”

Our knowledge of local conditions, our many years of experience and our good networks with key players in the region enable us to provide assistance quickly and unbureaucratically. In addition, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pfaffenhofen district, we have a fast and direct line to the administration and local authorities. We act as a link in the processing of official formalities, relocation projects or permit applications, and facilitate communication for companies as well as local administrations and authorities.

In view of increasing regulatory requirements, it is essential for our work to involve the local economy. Important messages can be gathered and valuable impetus provided through contact with politics and society.

We use round tables to bring companies and authorities together in a targeted manner in order to quickly clarify open questions and bring the construction or growth project to a successful conclusion efficiently and quickly.

On our website we offer a comprehensive range of information on the subject of building applications.

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3.3 Securing skilled labor

“Well-trained specialists are the basis for companies’ ability to innovate and compete.”

Even in a booming region like the district of Pfaffenhofen, it can be felt: the shortage of skilled workers. A recent study by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria shows that around 285,000 workers will retire in Bavaria in 2024. In contrast, there are only around 120,000 school leavers. By 2035, there will be a shortage of over 1.5 million workers in Bavaria alone. This makes it clear that the shortage of skilled workers due to demographic trends is not a short-term bottleneck, but will occupy HR departments for the next ten years. Our range of services in this field of activity is correspondingly extensive and varied.

A very important focus for us is on strengthening dual training. With the
training compass and the central training fair
we have succeeded in recent years in making numerous attractive training companies and their training opportunities visible to pupils as part of their careers guidance. The comprehensive print medium clearly presents training occupations, internship offers and vacation jobs as well as the respective training companies from the district. 3,500 copies are distributed directly in the classroom via teachers at secondary schools. The companies presenting themselves at the “Ausbildungskompass – Die Messe” at the end of September are listed in the catalog. With two halls, almost 90 training companies and around 1,500 interested visitors, the training fair has established itself as a central platform for training in the region and will be continued in the coming years.

With the
we have created a very special instrument for trainees and their companies for inter-company training. Introduced back in 2015, around 30 trainees can benefit from this offer every year. The concept is based on workshops on various topics. Content is covered that is not a focus at vocational school but is important to companies across all sectors. The timetable includes a wide range of subjects, from practical workshops on self-organization and communication practices to filing your own tax return.

Topics relevant to skilled workers such as employer branding, work-life balance, mental health in the workplace and the integration of foreign skilled workers are explored in our KUS Skilled Workers Forum and our KUS staff round tables together with HR managers from companies as well as social and political stakeholders. Here too, the added value of exchanging experiences, building networks and sharing knowledge is regularly demonstrated as key factors for new, cooperative and innovative solutions.

They are considered the “hidden reserve” on the labor market: women who want to return to work after a longer break. Many companies have long recognized the valuable potential of women returning to work. In cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Employment Agency, the “Women back to work” initiative offers the opportunity for uncomplicated, personal contact between qualified and motivated specialists and HR decision-makers from regional companies. This strengthens the willingness of both sides to adopt flexible working time models. Women who want to change careers will also find a suitable platform here. In 2023, 19 companies and over 50 women took part.

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3.4 Green is smart - sustainability and digitalization go hand in hand

“Future is now – together for sustainable progress”

Digitalization is the central field of the future, affecting all areas of life. Every industry, every company, regardless of size, is influenced and in some cases changed by digital influences. The new, broad access to AI has given this transformation driver a further, rapid boost. We want to help companies find their way through the multitude of digital possibilities and sound out which application potentials fit their own processes and business models and which funding programs are suitable for implementation.

With our
KUS Digi-Check
companies can first analyze the status quo of their level of digitalization online. If desired, further potential for digital methods can be worked out in a follow-up consultation. These consultation days are held in cooperation with Bavarian and Germany-wide digitization centers such as the Zukunftszentrum Süd. About the format “
Fit for digitalization
” format, we provide targeted information on current topics and innovations such as cybersecurity and dealing with AI.

In recent years, we have trained our employee Annegret Lange as an eCoach specifically for tourism service providers, hosts and direct marketers together with the Upper Bavaria Tourism Association in Munich. In confidential and free one-to-one meetings, there are specific tips on the use of social media, online booking platforms and website optimization.

In 2019, we organized an annual hackathon and expanded it to the entire Region 10 from 2022. Over three days, entrepreneurs have the unique opportunity to discuss individual questions about their processes and products with the help of programmers in order to obtain initial technical solutions. In the past, a number of prototypes have already been created, which were brought to market maturity after a certain test phase. This shows that the courage to try out new formats is rewarded with success. “Thinking outside the box” opens up new creative food for thought and innovative product developments.

The sensible and necessary link between sustainability and digitalization became very clear at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum 2023. At this platform, experts clearly pointed out how important and urgent it is to expand the economy sustainably in order to mitigate the consequences of climate change. Digital solutions can help to harmonize resource efficiency and productivity.

We are continuously expanding our range of services in the area of sustainability. Our pilot project started in March 2024 with the KUS trainee sustainability scouts. The aim is to train young apprentices as sustainability pilots and establish them in their own company. The cooperation project with scientific partners such as the Technical University of Ingolstadt and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt enables us to equip companies and their trainees with in-depth, practical sustainability knowledge. We want to further intensify this exchange and the transfer of knowledge between academic experts from the surrounding universities and specific operational applications in the district over the next few years.

We also want to continuously develop internally as a sustainable and digital business development organization. Digital accounting, time recording, remote work and a constantly growing community on social networks have become an integral part of our internal, agile corporate culture in recent years. In order to meet the requirements of a “green office”, we are constantly on the lookout for optimization potential for a sustainable office culture in a social, ecological and economic context.

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3.5 Foundation

“An economic region is fit for the future if new companies with varied ideas keep setting up shop there.”

An important indicator of the competitiveness of a business location is its innovative strength and start-up dynamics. Furthermore, a powerful and creative start-up scene contributes significantly to diversity. Founders show courage and bring openness and curiosity to test new creative and digital methods. Established companies can benefit from this. But how do you motivate people interested in founding a company to take the decisive step?

One tool is the start-up folder launched in 2017. The founder usually receives this from their local authority at the latest when registering their business. The brochure, which can be accessed online via our website, offers a checklist for the path to self-employment in ten specifically described start-up steps.

Successful business development is also characterized by an appealing and personal advisory service on site. Over 60 start-up consultations take place at KUS every year. We support start-up projects in cooperation with the business consultants of the IHK, HWK and Aktivsenioren, regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time start-ups, which are particularly popular with women.

Many young entrepreneurs face difficult questions and often unexpected challenges, especially in the first few years of founding a company. In such situations, it is helpful to talk to like-minded people and share experiences. Start-up meetings, which are held alternately digitally and in person, provide founders with helpful business knowledge. This format also gave rise to an informal start-up community that supports each other with advice, experience and contacts.

This network is enriched by a high-tech-oriented start-up cluster in the north of the district, which focuses primarily on development in the field of urban air mobility. The district of Pfaffenhofen is a shareholder of the Ingolstadt start-up center and is financially involved in both the digital start-up center of Region 10, brigk – Digitales Gründerzentrum der Region Ingolstadt GmbH, and its offshoot brigkAIR: startup incubator for three-dimensional mobility at the Airbus site in Manching. The aim here is to support innovative work and transfer knowledge to the surrounding small and medium-sized companies.

At the same time, the establishment of one of Europe’s largest aviation clusters at the Manching site is to be driven forward. The construction of the Technology Transfer Center, which will also be the first branch of the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences in the district of Pfaffenhofen, is a further milestone in positioning this aviation cluster with international appeal.

We want to strengthen the networking of start-ups and SMEs with the “KUS meets founders meets SMEs” format. On the one hand, founders can learn immensely from the many years of expertise of established entrepreneurs in the form of mentoring. In addition, company decision-makers come into contact with fresh ideas and new agile working methods.

Founders in the district can benefit from their integration into the start-up scene in Region 10. The Ingolstadt Start-up Award and the “Stromaufwärtsstart-up festivalare ideal platforms for introducing yourself as a young entrepreneur and spreading the joy and spirit of starting a business.

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3.6 Innovation and transfer management

“Ensuring economic success and solving major social issues”

Even if our business location continues to impress with its strength and resilience, it is important to carry these achievements into the future with a focus on transformation and innovation. This is where we want to start with our newly created “Innovation and transfer management” area of activity.

“Open innovation” is a way of reviewing existing business models and processes and shaping them for the future with new ideas and innovative developments. To achieve this, it is essential to review existing business models, align operations and processes with sustainable and digital standards and give space to innovative ideas.

Over the next few years, we would like to specifically promote the transfer of innovation and knowledge between science and industry in rural areas. The district of Pfaffenhofen and the surrounding region offer a variety of contact points and competent advice services. This expertise must be made visible for SMEs and the inhibition threshold for approaching universities and research institutes must be kept as low as possible in order to facilitate the exchange between science and industry and between companies from different sectors. One of the projects in this area is hydrogen as an innovative future concept in the energy segment. The region has joined forces here to form a hydrogen cluster. Regular events are already being held for this purpose.

The conceptualization of corresponding formats and events is already underway. The focus here is on establishing a centrally managed knowledge transfer between the surrounding universities and regional companies and start-ups with the KUS as a bridge builder.

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3.7. Habitat and destination management to strengthen the soft location factors

3.7.1. Tourism as an economic factor

“Bavaria has more to offer than mountains and lakes!”

Tourism does not only play a role where the volume of tourism is highest. Certainly, some “door openers” such as the Alpine chain, the Alpine foothills and the state capital of Munich are inseparable from the image of Upper Bavaria, but so is the north of Upper Bavaria in particular.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Wittelsbachers, discover the secret of hops or enjoy action-packed adventures in the climbing garden and on the wakeboard. One thing is for sure: you won’t get bored with us! Residents and guests of all ages will find a wide range of cultural and sporting opportunities to spend their leisure time here.

Centrally located between the major cities of Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg, the landscape, culture and cuisine in the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm are characterized by the “green gold” of the Hallertau – hops. Anyone who stays here in the picturesque hop gardens between rolling hills, idyllic river valleys and picturesque village backdrops really only wants one thing: to stay.

The economic importance of tourism is underlined by a study carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute last year: it identifies tourism as one of the most important economic sectors with a considerable number of jobs in Germany.

According to the dwif’s 2020 study “Tourism as an economic factor”, day trippers spend an average of 25.80 euros per day, while overnight guests in commercial establishments spend as much as 159.10 euros. Together with tourist and permanent campers or motorhome owners (EUR 40.30 per day) and guests staying in private accommodation (less than 10 beds) (EUR 80.40 per day), the high economic importance of tourism becomes clear. In the districts of Pfaffenhofen, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen and the city of Ingolstadt alone, this can generate sales of over 450 million euros per year. Over 6,000 people in this region derive their primary income from the tourism segment.

With around 162,000 guest arrivals (in commercial establishments with more than 10 beds) in 2023, the district of Pfaffenhofen almost reached the pre-corona level from the previous record year of 2019. The corresponding number of overnight stays even reached a new high in 2023 with over 316,000 overnight stays. A further indication of the increasing attractiveness of the region and the trend towards “vacationing in your own country”.

We are convinced that a good tourist offer enhances the location as a place to live, work and invest and thus strengthens its attractiveness, which benefits all sectors.

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3.7.2. Trade fairs & marketing - Strong appearances

“Holidays in your own country are the trend.”

Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg: together with our partners, we are represented at trade fairs throughout Germany. But we also have a presence on our own doorstep. At the Manching trade fair, the Hohenwart trade show, at GUT.LEBEN.GUT.WOHNEN in Pfaffenhofen or at the Scheyern trade show, many a local has learned interesting facts about as yet unknown gems and sights.

Whether it’s a world-renowned trade fair or a regional showcase – it works best together: we receive active support from the communities in the district, the hop ambassadors, tour guides, producer associations such as the hop growers’ association, breweries, direct marketers, neighboring districts and the Hopfenland Hallertau Tourism Association. In the end, the trade fair visitors and the district enjoy the diversity at the stand. The aim of all our appearances is to present the district of Pfaffenhofen as a hop region and an attractive excursion destination in our own country. Among other things, the focus is on our cycling and hiking offers.

The personal exchange with visitors is very valuable to us. New ideas for print products and events often emerge through direct contact.

In the age of digitalization, in which half of our lives take place on our smartphones, a brochure almost seems out of date. And yet printed material is still an indispensable component of tourism marketing. In addition to the classics such as the cycling maps and the hiking tour book, we are constantly evaluating and revising our range. In addition, almost all of our analog products are available online in digital and daily updated versions, such as the event calendar.

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3.7.3. Sustainable destination management

“So that Bavaria remains a liveable home and an attractive travel destination in the future.

Sustainability is a permanent process and a way of acting that is sometimes fundamentally different from the way we have acted in many areas to date. The unique nature, the traditional culture and the Bavarian attitude to life are just some of the reasons why people come to Bavaria: to live, to work – and to go on vacation. If we want to be successful in the future, we must protect our homeland and thus our livelihood: with good regional value creation, stable social structures and a resource-conserving approach to nature.

In cooperation with Bayern Tourismus Marketing GmbH (BayTM), a joint tool was created to support the Bavarian tourism industry on its path to sustainability. The result is a matrix based on an approach from the Economy for the Common Good. It defines 20 task areas with key questions and selected examples that serve as inspiration for projects by DMOs and tourism professionals – far beyond pure product development with an eco-label. The matrix is not a set of rules to be applied – instead, it is a guideline, a tool and a wealth of knowledge at the same time.

The special funding project “Sustainable Destination Management” in cooperation with the Tourism Association of Upper Bavaria Munich (TOM) also aims to steer Upper Bavaria as a tourism location in a sustainable direction. The sustainability matrix mentioned above forms the basis. The individual destinations and districts derive their own development strategies from this concept in order to position themselves as sustainable vacation and leisure destinations. The focus is on low-threshold access and making it tangible for all target groups. Both the vacation and excursion value and the entire region benefit enormously from this.

Our task is to generate awareness among tourism stakeholders for the sustainable goals and developments in Upper Bavaria. Tools are provided to check and evaluate internal processes for sustainability. Furthermore, fields of action are defined for the district and concrete measures are developed.

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3.7.4. Regionality & enjoyment

“No pleasure is temporary; for the impression it leaves behind is permanent.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

With around 1.3 billion arrivals worldwide, the travel industry has almost reached the level of the record year 2019 again, according to the latest travel analysis by the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen. With 69 million trips, Germans showed an undiminished desire to travel. More than 80 percent had already thought about their vacation trip in 2024. At the same time, awareness of sustainability is also growing strongly when it comes to planning vacation trips and vacations in one’s own country are very popular. With presences at the world’s largest tourism trade fair, the CMT in Stuttgart, or at Bavaria’s largest travel and leisure trade fair, the in Munich, we want to make a vacation on your own doorstep attractive to visitors.

Furthermore, the focus is shifting to healthy eating: in a representative survey conducted by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for the 2022 Nutrition Report, 83% of respondents stated that regional food is important to them. Whether it’s the weekly market, local restaurants or farm stores – if you want to buy all kinds of good quality produce, you don’t have to travel far in the district of Pfaffenhofen.

Diversity – this is the word that comes to mind when you ask people who know the district about its gastronomy. From rustic village inns to trendy street cafés, there is a wide variety of different places to eat. The menus also promise culinary delights for all tastes.

Poultry straight from the farm, cheese from our own dairy, fine brandies, flour straight from the mill or fresh vegetables straight from the field: the farm stores, gourmet manufactories and direct marketers in the district impress with their fresh and regional products.

Both combine craftsmanship and passion. With the gourmet brochure or the newly introduced Open Farm Day, we want to work together with producers and local restaurants to showcase the great variety and strengthen the local offerings.

It couldn’t be fresher.

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3.7.5. Cycling pleasure

“Get on your bike – the district of Pfaffenhofen on the move”

Getting on the pedals and letting the wind blow around your nose is all the rage. Whether it’s a Dutch bike, mountain bike or e-bike, more people are riding bikes than ever before. However, it is by no means as if the wheel had to be reinvented in the district of Pfaffenhofen. The Hallertau Hopfentour, the Ilmtaltour, the Paartaltour, the Danube Cycle Path and the Amper-Altmühl Cycle Path offer highly attractive routes to explore the district in an environmentally friendly and healthy way. Cyclists can expect a large selection of cycle and themed tours. The consistently signposted routes lead past riverbanks and hop gardens, through valleys and over hills. Historic towns and imposing buildings are just as much a part of the route as venerable monasteries, idyllic chapels and stately castles. In addition to special nature experiences and impressive views, the diverse routes promise cycling enjoyment between city, countryside and river.

The KUS has already initiated several major cycling projects. In two Leader-funded projects with a total project volume of around 500,000 euros, the existing trails were reviewed, new signage was created and new themed tours were developed. This may seem like a lot of money at first glance, but the benefits are clear: locals and tourists alike are guided along paths where they can experience nature in a particularly intense and pristine way, which helps to improve the quality of life. Finally, the results were presented in handy folding maps and accompanying tour books.

Together with the Kaulen urban and transport planning office, we focused on everyday cycling in 2023 with our “Cycling mobility concept”. Based on data from local authorities, stakeholders, the police and other road authorities as well as online public participation, an initial network design was developed. The focus was on connecting source and destination points such as schools, shopping facilities and train stations as directly and safely as possible, as well as analyzing potential obstacles and barriers. In addition to better networking throughout the district, the aim is also to make local public transport more accessible. During an on-site visit, deficiencies were documented, existing parking facilities were inspected and potential locations for mobility stations were identified. Among other things, the forms of guidance of the existing cycle path infrastructure, various safety aspects, the condition of the surfaces and the existing signage were examined. This was followed by an assessment of the inventory. In total, around 820 localities with almost 1,950 individual measures were developed by the planning office. The concept was implemented as part of the special “Urban and Rural” program of the Federal Office for Logistics and Mobility and received 75 percent funding as a preliminary planning service for the implementation of an investment measure resulting from the concept.

Coordinated and harmonized implementation of the measures is crucial for the success of further development towards a bicycle-friendly district. A coordinating office for cycling was established in the KUS, which supports the municipalities and stakeholders in the implementation, promotes the measures after prioritizing them accordingly and evaluates the degree of implementation.

In our work, we attach great importance to the different target groups, as commuters have different needs than families with children or leisure cyclists. We can always rely on good cooperation and a close exchange with the 19 district municipalities, Region 10, the ADFC, the Ingolstadt State Building Authority, the district’s own civil engineering department, the Lower Nature Conservation Authority and other stakeholders and specialist agencies such as the Water Management Authority, the Wittelsbach Equalization Fund and the Bavarian State Forests.

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3.7.7. Tourist network

“Together we are stronger.”

It is around 2,300 kilometers from Pfaffenhofen to Santiago de Compostela. It’s almost impossible to do this non-stop by car in one day. Especially not on foot. But that’s not the point. For hikers, the journey is the destination. And from the district of Pfaffenhofen, that could well be Santiago, as a section of the famous Way of St. James runs through the district. Hiking and well-being – they go together as well as hops and malt. If Santiago is too far for you, you can explore beautiful nature on the hop nature trail in Wolnzach, the planet trail in Scheyern or the chapel hiking trails around Hohenwart. The paths lead past venerable chapels, refreshing ponds and bathing lakes, through river valleys and over hills to historic towns and buildings. Hop gardens, flowering meadows and asparagus fields accompany hikers and walkers on their tours. A lot of new things have also been created in the hiking sector in recent years. As part of the LEADER-funded project “Active through the district of Pfaffenhofen”, 380 kilometers of the existing hiking trail network were checked and newly signposted in addition to the cycle paths. Our times are turbulent and full of challenges. Every day, children and adults alike are confronted with things that are stressful, exhausting, new and sometimes frightening. This can lead to stress, which puts a strain on our health and impairs our quality of life – time to do something about it! Our “Ruck ma wieda zamm” course in Hettenshausen, created in 2023, invites you to do just that. At seven stations, you can devote yourself to the topics of mindfulness, happiness and movement and recharge your batteries for challenging situations. The “Schmiede Glück” exercise series is aimed at children and families, while the “Mach mal OM” exercise series is primarily aimed at adults.

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3.7.7. Tourist network

“Together we are stronger.”

The “Leisure, recreation and tourism” working group was founded in 2012 to promote active exchange between all those involved in the tourism sector in the district. The focus is on the joint pursuit of tourism goals for the district. Examples of successful cooperation include the creation of a district-wide calendar of events and the revision of the cycling and hiking trail network. As KUS, we organize and moderate the meetings, which take place four times a year. Representatives from the municipalities are thus involved in all planning in the area of habitat and destination management. The inter-municipal exchange of experience on the part of the working group members is of great importance.

There are many things that can be accomplished more efficiently, economically and sustainably in regional networks than alone. Other important partners in the tourism cooperation are the Upper Bavaria Munich Tourism Association, the Hopfenland Hallertau Tourism Association and the Irma regional initiative.

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4. press & communication

“Do good and talk about it.”

Talking to each other about everything: This is not only a guarantee for a happy marriage, but also an indispensable part of our communication with companies of all sizes – from craft businesses and innovative start-ups to large international companies. Through clear and transparent communication, we want to build trust with our stakeholders, shape and maintain our image in order to be perceived as a trustworthy and competent partner.

Our effective internal communication promotes employee loyalty and commitment by conveying clear information, goals and expectations. This makes employees feel valued.

A fast and reliable exchange is not only essential in times of crisis . Our established communication strategy and our company mailing list enable us to respond directly and promptly. During the coronavirus crisis in particular, we were able to inform entrepreneurs promptly and reliably about the current regulations. Our CRM system has proven its worth as a central database in our day-to-day work – whether in terms of exciting and varied events, funding and energy-saving programs or demonstrations and requirements approved at short notice.

A key element of a modern marketing mix is the Internet presence. We share our content via our own website and via the social media Facebook, Instagram, Xing and LinkedIn in order to reach the various target groups effectively.

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“Keeping our finger on the pulse and looking to the future” – that is our motto.

Promoting business and tourism is not for lone wolves. Moving a region forward and cultivating the field for successful companies in an entire district only works as a team. And we are ideally positioned: highly motivated employees (around eight full-time equivalents) who roll up their sleeves and pull together with great commitment and enthusiasm.

KUS Team auf der Ausbildungsmesse 2023

Our values

#competent: We find individual solutions for our partners’ concerns with our structured and flexible way of working. Everyone in the team contributes their diverse skills and abilities.

#appreciative: Taking time, listening carefully and communicating as equals – this appreciation of our partners is our top priority. We pay attention to mutual respect and take time to listen to concerns. Constructive criticism is welcome and mistakes can be learned from.

#honest: KUS delivers what it promises: anyone who comes to us with a concern can rely on our honest assessment. We openly communicate what is feasible and put our money where our mouth is. Honesty, trusting each other and relying on each other – that is the basis of our cooperation.

#modern: Opening up new perspectives, providing innovative food for thought and inspiring others – this is how we meet the current challenges in the interests of companies, partners and guests in the district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm. Together, we develop modern solutions and try out creative approaches.

#solid: When implementing our projects, we are committed to living traditions and established partnerships. We use the resources available to us wisely and deploy them efficiently.

6. summary

“Welcome to an inspiring environment!”

The district of Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm is an established business location with top infrastructure in the middle of the Hallertau region – Bavarian quality of life meets progressive entrepreneurial spirit. As one of the strongest economic districts in Germany, it regularly occupies top positions in the relevant rankings. Our task is to secure this outstanding position and continuously develop the location. With our habitat and destination management services, we contribute to increasing the quality of the location and its attractiveness for guests. As the first point of contact for companies, our wide-ranging business service provides support for relocation projects, business expansions and start-ups. As part of the transformation, we offer an attractive range of advice and information in the fields of securing skilled workers, digitalization and sustainability. Benefit from our services, reliable location and economic data as well as our specialist and networking events for your sustainable growth.

Thank you for your interest in our work! This report gives you an insight into the diverse spectrum of our facility. Together with local businesses, political representatives and key players, we are striving to make the business location fit for the future without losing its special features.

Our offering will continue to evolve in line with overall social trends and in personal contact with our most important contacts, the local entrepreneurs. We value a trusting exchange and look forward to talking to you at any time! You can find our comprehensive services and the contact persons in the respective areas of activity with the corresponding contact details on our website:

You are welcome to join our company mailing list and subscribe to our KUS newsletter so that you do not miss any topic-specific information or invitations to our networking events.

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